Vaidban Migraine Treatment Combo for Grade 1 (Prodrome)

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Vaidban Migraine Treatment Combo for Grade 1 (Prodrome)

Vaidban Migraine Treatment Combo for Grade 1 (Prodrome)

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ਸ਼ਿਪਿੰਗ ਅਤੇ ਵਾਪਸੀ

Prevent the onset of a full-blown migraine attack with Vaidban's expertly formulated Migraine Treatment Combo, specifically designed for the prodromal phase of Grade 1 migraine. Our time-honored approach combines age-old wisdom with the purity of natural ingredients, all encapsulated in a combo that respects both your well-being and your wallet.

Preventative Care: This combo is designed to target the prodromal phase of migraines, which can help in potentially preventing the onset of a full migraine attack.

Holistic Approach: The combination of different products like the therapeutic Nabhi Touch Oil, Brain Gaj Kesri capsules, MG Brain Doze capsules, and Brain Kesari Syrup offers a multi-faceted approach to migraine management, addressing various symptoms and triggers.

Natural Ingredients: Each product in the combo is made with 100% organic ingredients, providing a natural alternative to those seeking remedies free from synthetic additives.

Convenience: Having a curated selection of products in one combo makes it convenient for individuals to manage their migraine symptoms without the need to purchase multiple, separate products.

Cost-Effectiveness: The combo pack is economically priced, offering savings compared to purchasing each item individually, which can be beneficial for long-term management and care.


Vaidban Migraine Treatment Combo Pack Includes:

  1. Nabhi Touch Oil - 10 ml
  2. Brain Gaj Kesri Awleh - 120 gm
  3. MG Brain Doze Goli - 30 Goli 
  4. Brain Gaj Kesari Syrup - 500 ml 
  5. Brain Doze Capsule - 30 Capsule

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